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A Choice

He asked her –

“If you had an option, what would you choose: Money, Happiness or Me”

She choose HIM.

Not for He will give her both happiness and money.

But, because there will be no SHE without HIM.

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Those Roots…

Looking at the Eucalyptus Tree….

Its topmost leaf almost flying in the air,
as if trying to touch the sky..

Far away and unknown from the roots
which are holding all of them.

It keeps on swinging,
and they keep on holding,

silently performing their duties

as do many of them,
whom we call


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That Strength…

You make me feel Strong everyday….

It’s in you, that I want to travel the entire Universe,

Till its end and from its beginning, and around it if there are none.

It’s in you that I feel safe, that I feel loved so much,

like a princess of the world where there is just Love.

There is just You and there is just Me…

In you.