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Getting used to Frustration

Yes, that’s what I heard from one of my friends – “Don’t worry, you will get used to this.”

and the THIS here was frustration.

I think that is something which happens with many of us in our day to day life including me as well. We become angry, we become upset and finally, we become frustrated. And the level sometimes increases so much and we become so demotivated that it impacts everything we come across in life.

If we are upset due to a work not being completed at office or some deal which is not getting through or some relationship not going on properly or anything, it ultimately has an impact on every other sphere of life as well. And that is because we are in the same state of mind very often and we start linking things. This is what happens with me very often.

But why all these things happen. The main reason – OTHERS. And who are those others – people coming from your own society. We always tend to live in a way that is appreciated by our society. We have always set our standards according to how others perceive that we should be. And when we are not able to reach those standards, we become upset. There lies the root cause of why we become upset.

We keep on trying to grasp more and more from every sphere of life, running behind everything that can be taken so that we can be called successful by all those who we think are there to judge us and our life.

There is a need stop doing this. When we’ll set up our own goals of what we want, without ever thinking what most people will think of us, we’ll be more happy and be without frustration.

I got a message this morning which is worth sharing here:

How many times have you waited for someone to reply to the message you wrote, but never received it?

How many times have you dressed up for someone, waiting to hear from them that you’re beautiful?

How many times have you waited for someone’s call, so that they make you feel happy?

How many times have you waited for someone to appreciate the work you are doing, so it’s easier to you to continue doing it?

With the reply that never came, the complement you didn’t hear, the phone call that wasn’t intended, and the appreciation that was held back – you and I, we lost out self-worth.

Since kindergarten, we began to associate our self-worth with the golden stars our teachers gave us.

By middle school, this turned to how popular people thought we were and by college, we were living on the complements we received, and the number of people who praised us.

And till today, we think that our worth is determined by the way others perceive us. Thus, we want our boss to be happy with our work, we want our partners to constantly praise us, we want to be noticed and we want to be appreciated.

Slowly, and gradually, this will harm us. Seeking approval and validation from others will change into a permanent, life-long struggle if we don’t start believing in ourselves.

Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself – carefully. Speak to your reflection.

Tell your reflection you are beautiful, you are strong. Tell your reflection that you appreciate yourself, that you love yourself, that you want to make yourself happy. Tell your reflection that you will be there for yourself.

Because, sooner or later, you will realize that there is no one who will always be there for you, there is no one who can constantly praise you, appreciate you and keep you happy. That is YOUR job….. yes you