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Christmas Gift

Once upon a time, there was a small girl. She always ask for a candy from Santa on Christmas. Day and night she would think that the Santa will come and give her a candy. She used to be very happy with the thought. Her faith often used to get fade away as she was just a child, she used to think sometimes – maybe there is no Santa, or he may not come or he may not give her the candy but, she used to recollect herself and ask for the same.

After the wait of few months, when the time of Christmas came, she finally got the candy from Santa!! WOW she is very happy, enjoying, her heart filled with joy that she has got what she wanted. Her belief had come true!

She ran to her friend’s house to show what she had got. When she met her friend, she came to know that her friend has been gifted with a box full of gifts, which had many candies, teddies, dolls and chocolates as well.

She was disappointed. She forgot about her candy, something she had wanted from always and went and sat under a tree thinking why she was not given such a big gift. Was her friend more deserving, or was she not a nice girl.

Just then the Santa came there and asked her why she was sad on Christmas. She asked him the same – why he didn’t give her the box of gifts. He replied – I had kept that for you. The whole season I was gathering the best gifts which I could give to you on Christmas since you are the best girl. But you always used to ask for the candy. So I gave that box to the girl next door and thought that you really will be happy with the candy you wanted from always.

Isn’t that something which happens with every one of us? How many times we have said – “This is the last time I am asking something, after this I won’t ask for anything !” We are busy asking gifts from GOD but we forget that HE knows better what to give and when to give.

Have faith. Things will happen on their time and even better than what we can think of.

Just go on and keep serving!


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