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I wish I was absent…

I wish I was absent,

Absent from this whole weary cycle, from its crests and troughs.. from the way it changes and from the way it makes me change.. from the dreams and realities.. from the false and the truth.. from the way and the destination.. from the beauty and the ugliness which it unfolds.. from the spring and the autumn and the whole of its faces… from hatred and from love too.. from the yes and the no.. from this way or that way… from the nothingness and the wholesomeness.. from belief, faith and from untrust too.. from heaven and hell.. from hope and from distress…

I wish I was absent.. absent from you and me.. from what makes it.. absent from the fragrance and from its origin..  I wish I was absent… absent from this life…


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Love yourself – because you are only one of your kind

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance

Acceptance – A strong word, which can change people, both for good and for bad.

Many people today have a fear of acceptance, everything we do mostly is to show “others” that we are worthy to be accepted by them. In that way I have seen people getting frustrated because they think they are not up to the mark.

I have seen people changing themselves altogether so that they are just accepted by their social circle or in a way that they can increase their social circle. And in turn they sometimes end up losing their own identity, losing up their culture and values.

And I can feel this happening because I was like that once. Childhood memories never fade away and they are the one which teach a lot in life. I as a child wanted to be the best among everyone. I had got a habit to be praised for everything I did. And when I met people who got more applauds, I used to get frustrated. That was a child’s feeling but it increased when I grew up. I was lucky that my frustration didn’t turn to jealousy as I would have lost some of the best things in my life if that would have happened..

Then slowly I realized, that I never wanted applauds or high positions, I was happy without them as well if I had company of good friends and some special people in my life who think I am worthy. It got limited but was still dependent on acceptance of some people.

And then, came Life, the best teacher! It all changed and I soon realized that it doesn’t matter outside, but inside. It’s all about satisfaction and not applauds or gifts or high ranks or positions or even money or society. Its all about satisfaction which everyone seeks for and from where happiness arises. And it never comes from people outside accepting us but from We accepting ourselves.

The moment I realized that I am unique, I had no comparisons, I was satisfied. Its acceptance of our own self that leads to satisfaction.

It’s simple when said in this way – if we can’t accept our own self, how can we expect others to accept us. Love yourself – because you are only one of your kind 🙂



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We’re all in the Same Ocean (1 min read)

Millionaire's Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Felix Juel

Founder & Owner of: The Pensive

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Education, Health & Fitness and Successful Living Writer

Is it not remarkable that deep down we all want the same thing? Everyone. Whether you’re short, tall, rich, poor, black, white, underweight, overweight, and/or something completely different, we are all trying to achieve (and pardon for the reductionist view) those chemical reactions that make us happy.

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Christmas Gift

Once upon a time, there was a small girl. She always ask for a candy from Santa on Christmas. Day and night she would think that the Santa will come and give her a candy. She used to be very happy with the thought. Her faith often used to get fade away as she was just a child, she used to think sometimes – maybe there is no Santa, or he may not come or he may not give her the candy but, she used to recollect herself and ask for the same.

After the wait of few months, when the time of Christmas came, she finally got the candy from Santa!! WOW she is very happy, enjoying, her heart filled with joy that she has got what she wanted. Her belief had come true!

She ran to her friend’s house to show what she had got. When she met her friend, she came to know that her friend has been gifted with a box full of gifts, which had many candies, teddies, dolls and chocolates as well.

She was disappointed. She forgot about her candy, something she had wanted from always and went and sat under a tree thinking why she was not given such a big gift. Was her friend more deserving, or was she not a nice girl.

Just then the Santa came there and asked her why she was sad on Christmas. She asked him the same – why he didn’t give her the box of gifts. He replied – I had kept that for you. The whole season I was gathering the best gifts which I could give to you on Christmas since you are the best girl. But you always used to ask for the candy. So I gave that box to the girl next door and thought that you really will be happy with the candy you wanted from always.

Isn’t that something which happens with every one of us? How many times we have said – “This is the last time I am asking something, after this I won’t ask for anything !” We are busy asking gifts from GOD but we forget that HE knows better what to give and when to give.

Have faith. Things will happen on their time and even better than what we can think of.

Just go on and keep serving!

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A Choice

He asked her –

“If you had an option, what would you choose: Money, Happiness or Me”

She choose HIM.

Not for He will give her both happiness and money.

But, because there will be no SHE without HIM.